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Aline Peugeot auteure connue
Who am I


Author of the autobiographical book “from chaos to spiritual awakening”, Speaker TEDx, internship supervisor and lecturer, Aline Peugeot from the family of cars of the same name was very quickly publicized as her atypical career arouses the interest of all.


Beyond the testimony of her years of suffering, Aline Peugeot delivers over the pages the keys to her rebirth and reconstruction, thus offering everyone a precious guide to personal development.

His book, real exposure, is also today recognized in psychology as a real therapeutic tool.

Anxious to help others, Aline Peugeot therefore naturally decides to continue her commitment by offering highly prized personal development internships throughout France and abroad.

From these was born the CD of meditative hypnosis "Reviviscence", an avant-garde approach combining the effectiveness of the use of specific frequencies in a music specially conceived at his request by the great composer Didier Orieux

This support leads to a modified state of consciousness allowing introspection, repair, then reconstruction.

Aline is also a journalist for the magazine "Ovni sciences et Histoires" and a freelance columnist for several media and various subjects.


Aline Peugeot

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