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Sortie septembre 2021 chez Terre En Ciel éditions 

aline peugeot auteure célèbre connue
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My book From chaos to spiritual awakening published by Exergues, published in January 2018,
formerly Beyond my name , more than an autobiography is a true testimony of hope and Love towards life whatever the trials encountered

I wish to transmit the analysis that I was able to make of my own journey in order to restore courage, plenitude and happiness to people who will recognize themselves in it but also to challenge all those whose desire is to reach out to their neighbor for the construction of a world imbued with spiritual values

Beyond the journey of a Medium, it retraces above all the journey of a soul in its current incarnation, whose trials result from its choices; these themselves coming from their own investigations and deductions

Réédition 2020 chez Terre en Ciel édition

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