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aline peugeot wilkipédia hypnose célèbre

Meditative hypnosis with the voice of Aline Peugeot on music by Didier Orieux (great composer in particular of the title Océania which has toured the world) specially created for this double CD

An avant-garde approach accessible to the general public and deliberately approached in a multidisciplinary way (psychology, physical science, spirituality)


6 Fundamental themes leading to a modified state of consciousness allowing rebirth through self-discovery

6 instrumental versions

1 the inner child

2 Resilience

3 meeting with oneself

4 Access to universal knowledge

5 Contacts with the plane of disembodied souls

6 Immersion in Unconditional Love

Reviviscence means the ability of nature and certain animals to be reborn after apparent death.

aline peugeot auteur conférencière connue hypnose stage méditation
LBC musique aline peugeot hypnose célèbre et reconnue formatrice developpement personnel


Good evening, I am finally taking the time to send you this little message to inform you of the good and rapid reception of your CD and also of my sincere delight in listening to it. I literally let myself travel and float by your words, your voice, and the beautiful accompanying music. It was too short because it is as if this delicious moment of relaxation had suspended time to give way to a parenthesis in a unique cocoon of well-being. Of course I will repeat the experience with great pleasure but I told you about my first feelings. So thank you for this achievement. Your voice is really suited to this exercise because it invites you to let go. Sincerely, Valérie Hamelin 2020




Incredibly well designed meditative hypnosis CD for self-return

March 28, 2019

Format: MP3 Download

I have always had a little trouble with meditations, but this CD offered by Aline Peugeot is for me exceptional in the sense that I am from the first notes directly connected and linked to this atmosphere necessary to be in this state of meditation . A good thing that shows me a difference before and after. Two possible solutions, a CD with the soft voice of Aline Peugeot and the second just in instrumental version. I sincerely recommend this well-studied medium with well-chosen sounds, especially in hertz frequencies.


Superb inner journey

June 22, 2019

Format: CDVerified Purchase

Beautiful text beautiful music superb voice


August 8, 2019

Format: MP3 DownloadVerified Purchase

I was very surprised by this album, I'm used to hypnosis sessions, but that's something else again.
I chose to buy it in MP3, because it allows me to listen and re-listen to the MP3 tracks that I like.
That of the "inner child" = divine, I am obliged to recognize that since listening to it, many positive things have happened in my life.
The titles "Resilience" and "Self-realization" are very pleasant to listen to, especially when you go out and / or when you are going through difficult trials, a real support.
"immersion in unconditional love" and the musical tracks that follow, my favorite :)

Thank you Aline Peugeot for this great work, thank you to Didier Orieux for his wonderful music.

Agnès Rouby who touched me a lot because she was able to capture my approach through a few extracts December 2018

"Hello Aline. I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your course. I have the impression that after small shy steps, it's the blossoming, not to say the explosion. The way to work on your CDs is totally new to my knowledge, you innovate, there is really something different about what you come up with. In fact, you push people to free themselves from all dogmas and beliefs but in a way that is new because true and so authentic. Really Aline, I don't know if you realize what you are creating because I know you are humble, but it's huge. People needed this. They do not need gurus anymore, for the most part. They are ready to welcome clear energies like yours "

Reviewed by David Deluz January 2019

Thanks to you especially yesterday I listened to another extract and this night I dreamed of my father, we jumped into each other's arms and I won't tell you how good I am too. The music, the voice, everything is great and yet I have tried it but now you reach the top. So thank you to you first and foremost and I'm happy I'm going to have the full version

Aline you have something powerful, in your being, in your publications, in your experience and your CD that stabbed me with happiness just with the extracts, for me a first in what you did and it's not for complimented you because if that had not convinced me I would have told you too but there it is not a key that you give us but downright the ram 😅 and if my interior vibrates so much it is that there is a reason.

DD 2019

Hello Aline, I would like to talk to you about experiences with your cd. I don't know if other people have had the same each experience being different. Yesterday I took my big walk in the forest with my cd player and of course you can guess with which cd already the most beautiful stroll of my life, I was walking but in a daze. At the entrance two yellow butterflies circled around me then disappeared these same two butterflies which came back around me at the exit, you know that I was completely.e a kid I had a huge smile, I had the wind that accompanied me, the sun as if it was following, the trees seemed to come to life, I had before my eyes like a transparent veil where I felt and saw things differently, multiplied as if everything around me and me were one. No longer in this reality, but the body was present. Then I sat on a bench in the arboretorium, your cd was finished so I listened to the sound of the birds, the wind, the smells, completely elsewhere. And the more it goes the more I marvel more and more, even people who have to say it is zinzin this one but I do not care to a point so I am so good. I don't know if there is a limit for listening to your cd but I'm starting to know the music by heart and your performance is so complementary ... I love the choice of music but only they do not give the same effect than when you intervene with it. I'm repeating myself but you don't realize how much he makes me feel good. More than trying to remember dreams is not yet winning, because almost every night now my father, my grandparents intervene but I do not remember any more.

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